Featured artist at the Gallery at Marina Square in Morro Bay

I’m proud to be the co featured artist with Karen Peterson at the Gallery.  click here to learn more


Great Images

every now and then someone sends me a link to a collection of images and I found this one particularly fascinating  . . .  click here and enjoy

Dunes photography

There is something about wandering around sand dunes that is mesmerizing.  The shapes and shadows, highlights and valleys seem to change with every different angle of viewing.  I highly suggest everyone find a location where you can walk into the dunes and especially during the last two hours of the day!  I shot this one and used a little cropping and contrasting to bring out the drama.  I really like the way the shadowed ridges rise from the lower left to the upper right of the image . . . . sand dune ridge

first “8” photo

The SLO Camera Club has a competition every other month and last night was the 3rd I’ve entered images in.  It’s a very good learning process.  I’ve learned that selection is important when choosing which images to enter; judges generally like the same things.  Photoshopping a few details does make a difference.  Anyhow, I’m pleased to say that last night I earned my first 8.0 (no one got more than 8.5 and none less than 7.0).  The judge seemed to be particularly pleased with my image shot in the Guadalupe Dunes a few weeks ago because he could actually see 3 different photos in it plus there was an erotic impression for him which everyone seemed to agree with once he pointed it out (I actually saw a different erotic image than the one he saw but hey . . . . ).  Here “Dune Ridge.”

taken near sunset in the Guadalupe Dunes

taken near sunset in the Guadalupe Dunes

films about photography

for me there is no one better film about photography than “Blow Up” but that was more about fashion photography but it’s still all about composition.

watching a movie to get ideas and learn composition

I recently watched “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy” directed by Woody Allen and marveled at one point in the film at the many incredible images of nature and landscapes but of course Woody Allen has created many other film montages of the same images.  Think of the opening scenes of “Manhattan” and “Paris at Midnight”.  I also remember other films : “Heaven’s Gate”, “Room With a View”, “Out of Africa”, “Zabriskie Point” . . . Think of a film as one 35mm frame after another composed by the director and director of photography.  Here is a link to incredible films every photographer might like to see.


I have been looking at the shadows of trees for a long time and wondered whether anyone else paid attention.  So I decided to take some photos of just the shadows and then play with the images in photoshop to see what I get.  Here is one image untouched (R) and photoshopped (L).  Right click on each to open in a “new tab” and you’ll be able to see the details of each.IMG_1900a copyIMG_1900a_artistic-cutout-442 copy