40 Years of Photography

The idea of tracking time through photography is always interesting, whether it be time lapse or a photo of the same place for person every year or so.

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Current Photo Exhibit

is up at Fromagerie-Sophie, a unique French cheese shop in down San Luis Obispo.  we had a real nice opening reception last Friday night and I sold 3 pieces already.  It’s funny how exhibits go, for the whole month of July I had photos up at the Photo Shop in SLO but no sales; yes, it’s true, photographers typically don’t buy photos so my expectations for sales was low but I was really happy to be able to show my work in a photography store where other photographers could see my work.IMG_8636 IMG_8644 IMG_8650

Photos on exhibit at the Photo Shop in San Luis Obispo

Please join me for a reception on June 27, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm to see my “Then and Now” photo exhibit at the Photo Shop in San Luis Obispo, 1027 B Marsh St.

There will photos from my work dating back to 1969 to the present on display for the next 30 days

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Historic photo collection of Los Angeles and Santa Monica

The Hunting Library has acquired a 4,600 image collection documenting 50 years dating back to the 1870s

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The end of cameras?

An interesting piece which appeared in the New Yorker about going mobile with a camera.  here’s an excerpt . . . “. . . One of the great joys of that walk was the ability to immediately share with family and friends the images as they were captured in the mountains: the golden, early-morning light as it filtered through the cedar forest; a sudden valley vista after a long, upward climb. Each time, I pulled out my iPhone, not the GX1, then shot, edited, and broadcasted the photo within minutes.”

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The Decisive Moment – Cartier-Bresson

This is a very good video about the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson,  Henri Cartier-Bresson is considered to be the father of modern photojournalism. His style of “street photography” using small format cameras still influences photojournalists to this day.

The Marjorie and 
Leonard Vernon Collection of photography at LACMA

There is an outstanding exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art going on now.

It’s the    See the Light—Photography, Perception, Cognition: The Marjorie and 
Leonard Vernon Collection.

Los Angeles residents Marjorie and Leonard Vernon began to collect photography in 1975, eventually building a collection of some 3,600 photographs spanning the entire history of the medium. In 2008 LACMA acquired the complete collection, making it possible for the museum to represent photography’s full range and its centrality in modern visual culture.

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Featured artist at the Gallery at Marina Square in Morro Bay

I’m proud to be the co featured artist with Karen Peterson at the Gallery.  click here to learn more

Great Images

every now and then someone sends me a link to a collection of images and I found this one particularly fascinating  . . .  click here and enjoy

Dunes photography

There is something about wandering around sand dunes that is mesmerizing.  The shapes and shadows, highlights and valleys seem to change with every different angle of viewing.  I highly suggest everyone find a location where you can walk into the dunes and especially during the last two hours of the day!  I shot this one and used a little cropping and contrasting to bring out the drama.  I really like the way the shadowed ridges rise from the lower left to the upper right of the image . . . . sand dune ridge